Deepfakes Can Put Flesh on the Bones of Artificial Consciousness

Undoubtedly, life of every human is precious. But what the person does throughout his/her life can make his/her life more meaningful and valuable. Political leaders, scientists, artists, sportpersons sometimes achieve the incredible in decades. Thir works always keep their memories alive. For a one or two generation, only their families remember ordinary people. Only their […]

Do Deepfakes Reveal the Truth?

Fiction, fake news, and falseness are the basic building blocks of deepfakes. According to the perception of the online world, “the biggest cyberthreat to humanity” originates from this structure. Under the username “Deepfakes” on, the deepfake inventor, who produced a worldwide cyber danger brand, certainly wanted to do so. Producing fake truths by bending […]

Deepfake Reverse Engineering Challenge (DREC)

There is no problem in sight. Everything was included in the specifications of the competition. All competitors, including our team, who participated in the competition on behalf of Zemana and outdistanced nearly 2000 participants, accepted the conditions from the beginning. But after the competition, it is not possible to ignore the big and disturbing contradiction as […]

Continuing to Fight Mosquitoes in Swamp Opening…

Anyone with an average intelligence and minimal life experience knows that you should not expose yourself to things that may be dangerous when misused. This applies to medicine or a licensed weapon. Even a very innocent confectionery can lead to deadly consequences when it is not consumed in a healthy or safe way. We place […]

Can Deepfakes Defense Be Personalized?

We tried to explain in the last article how fake synthetic media, produced with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and known as deepfakes, is a great cyber threat to individuals and institutions, as well as to national security in their fight against enemies and terrorism. So, just as science is trying to develop measures […]

Do Deepfakes Blind AI-Aided National Security?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as the ability of computers and machines to perform tasks that traditionally required human intelligence. Basic AI technologies are developed as computer systems that perform certain tasks with the help of artificial neural networks (similar to the human brain), mathematical optimization, and statistical methods. AI often uses large amounts of […]

Do You Need A Synthetic Brand Face? Here Is the Deepfake Market

Innovation is part of marketing. Seeing as there is competition between brands, advertisers rely on innovation to succeed against their competitors. We mentioned in the previous article that deepfakes have become the rising star of marketing and advertising. By providing the greatest effect at the lowest cost in advertising campaigns, deepfakes have become an important […]

Commercial Film Sets are Transferred to the Computers; Marketing is Becoming Synthetic

Technologies that reveal the most dangerous weapons against peace and security often manage to hide behind great benefits. But they destroy more than they provide. Can nuclear medicine and nuclear power make amends for the sin of nuclear weapons? Looking at the benefits of the observation of agricultural lands or search-and-rescue activities, can we say […]

Do You Have Your Anti-Deepfake Protocol Ready?

This question may seem to be a cause for concern for companies and, in a wider sense, corporations (since protocols are more crucial to corporate quality standards). However, when it comes to quality of life, individuals may soon have to ask the same question. You must have a protocol—even if not on paper—on how to […]

Why We Must Provide Our Own Security in the Wild West of Deepfakes?

Everyone everywhere is as familiar with the Wild West as they are with Wild Capitalism. Some know these precarious lands from history books, but most have learned about them in Hollywood Westerns. Although there is a sheriff in town, everyone must provide their own security. Danger could come from any direction. A knock on your […]