Deepfakes Can Put Flesh on the Bones of Artificial Consciousness

Undoubtedly, life of every human is precious. But what the person does throughout his/her life can make his/her life more meaningful and valuable. Political leaders, scientists, artists, sportpersons sometimes achieve the incredible in decades.

Thir works always keep their memories alive. For a one or two generation, only their families remember ordinary people. Only their relatives and friends miss them. However, countries, where they live in and even the whole world does not forget the historical ones for centuries. They cannot be forgotten never.

Can self and consciousness be modeled?

It is also the human perception that carries historical personalities to future generations. This transmission is mostly limited to what third parties write and tell about them. It is not easy to preserve their own writings and, if any, sound recordings and images in their original form for centuries. Moreover, all these sources reflect only certain sections of their qualities. However, their constant survival with their selves can make many things different in the world.  Artificial intelligence (ai) algorithms, which give machines the quality of deep learning can gather all data about a human in a single source. Thus, not only the image and voice of a person, but perhaps also her consciousness can be modeled through artificial neural networks in the future.

AI-based, 6G and hologram-powered digital immortality

Modeling, which digitally cloning the person is carried out over synthetic networks that imitate the human brain.  This opportunity today only serves to make puppet the synthetic digital copy of the person with the definition of deepfake. However, ai technology of deepfakes have been developing at an unpredictable pace with global collective understanding. As is due the concern for the unknown, deepfakes are also spreading online fear today.  But who can say that deepfakes will not put flesh on the bones of the ai modeled self of a genius in the unpredictable future? Moreover, what if, that self is given an autonomous consciousness through deep learning?  Couldn’t genius brains be provided with a digital immortality? Imagine what can happen when AI is integrated with 6G and hologram technologies. Can historical persons who are referred to as “I wish they were alive today” guide humanity again? Can they add new ones to their works?

Can deepfake sound and body be purged from fiction?

Human cloning is also a utopia in the 21st century. Deep dark scenarios may also make developments a dystopia for some today. It should never be forgotten that in the eternal reality of the heavenly religions, creator of all creatures is one. Here, AI-oriented algorithms and robotic technologies transform this single and unchangeable reality into a more flexible perception with digital illusion. It reveals a person who has passed away fictionally in digital life, at first with his/her voice and gestures. Perhaps as deep learning algorithms improve, fiction will no longer be needed after a while. Digital intelligence will continue to artificially develop its learned self and consciousness within the deepfake body.

If “one giant lead for mankind” had not been taken

Presidents who made their mark in the period are unforgettable political leaders. Among these, we can count various US presidents. Richard Nixon, the first and only US President to resign from his duty is one of the first to come to mind. Just like J.F. Like Kenndy, who was assassinated. Nixon made history by resigned as a result of the Watergate Scandal.  The  37th President of the United States could not complete the second term of his presidency between 1969 and 1974. His first year as President of the United States witnessed another historical event. As part of his country’s space studies, mankind has set foot on the moon for the first time. No one could be sure what the Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin would encounter.  It was necessary to be prepared for every eventuality. Therefore, two alternative speeches were prepared for the US President. When “one giant lead for mankind” was successfully taken on the surface of the moon, there was no need for disaster speech.

To live alternative history with Nixon

Nixon gave the “Moon Disaster” speech prepared by one of the speechwriters William Safire in 1969 exactly 26 years after his death. Of course, the speech that Nixon didn’t need to do while he was alive was a production, given with deepfake technology today. The film was directed by Francesca Panetta and Halsey Burgund in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The production, realized with the technology support of Canny AI and Respeecher was prepared in more than 6 months. The film invites the audience to an alternative history, half a century after the relating event took place.

Sound and video effect: deepfake

The deepfake scenes in Nixon’s speech about the failure of the moon walk were not simply face interchange. It could not be expected that it was. To realize the convincing visuals of the scene, Canny AI used a technique called “video dialogue modification”. Face replacement was not preferred. Instead, an ai model was trained to transfer Nixon’s facial movements while speaking into his synthetic image in harmony with the environment.

The technological support of Respeecher was used for Nixon’s sound cloning in the film. The training voice of the actor reading the speech and the recordings of Nixon’s TV speeches from the White House were processed. Respeecher used a “voice conversion system” to synthesize Nixon’s voice from an actor performance.

First awards of Deepfake…

The movie “In Event Of Moon Disaster” won the Creative Technology Jury Special Award at the IDFA DocLab Digital Storytelling Competition last year. Another award came from the Mozilla Creative Media Awards. Thus, deepfakes, which have always been criticized and worried with its deep dark side proved their artistic productivity for the first time. The first award-winning deepfake movie, which Nixon is the star of it is appearing in three more film festivals this year. The film participates in the Tribeca Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and the CPH: DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival this year.

Can artificial consciousness add personality to the deepfake?

The project, President Nixon deepfake’s has a part of it has been recorded as one of the most successful samples of fictional synthetic media today. Consciousness modeling, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article is a target much beyond than that. According to Wikipedia, artificial consciousness (AGI), also known as general artificial intelligence is still a common topic of science fiction and futurology today. What is meant that it is an artificial intelligence nirvana that can experience, think and feel. The bar of artificial intelligence evolution.

Discovered about the interaction of the average 3-kg, very similar human brain with life is still far behind the unknown. How does the human brain react to what effect by activating which neurons? What consequences do these neurons have when stimulated with a neurosurgeon’s electrode? Is there a color change in laughter or vision? Although progress is being made, intelligence on the cause and effect relationships of the brain is still very poor.

Would you say whether it is deepfake, but it happens?

Cognitive neuroscientists, molecular biologists, and many other experts in many fields are dealing with analyzing the architecture of the human brain. Science are in a global mobilization on this issue with various methodologies from the Turing machine to the Global Neuronal Workspace (GNW) theory.

If artificial consciousness with intellectual accumulation is developed, it will not appear as a metallic sound and animated character like today’s fictional digital assistants. Even the deepfake video of Salvador Dali, who welcomes the visitors at the door of his museum with a fictional text excites the audience. Imagine Dali’s extraordinary intelligence coming back to life with his artificial self and hologram deepfake image, even if it is digital. Or imagine Kenedy’s deepfake is interpreting Trump’s current policies with his modeled artificial consciousness. Would you like historical personalities to be accessible, even if it is online?

The opinion of the majority would probably be whether it is deepfake, but it happens…