Deepware Scanner

Exposing deepfakes prevents misinformation and saves businesses

Deepfakes pose a real danger to your lifestyle and business, but taking necessary steps can help you to stay one step ahead. Deepware Scanner is designed to detect deepfake videos or, simply, any fake content in the areas of visual and audio communication.

Deepware Scanner is designed to detect manipulation in the video representation of people

Deepfakes are realistic AI-generated videos that show real people doing and saying fictional things. Such aggregations are extremely difficult for humans to detect, and we can be easily manipulated to believe that something fake is real. Deepware Scanner resolves a dilemma in the reality of media content. It is designed to analyze media files, scanning for AI-generated media alterations and other types of audio-visual manipulation with malicious intent of financial, social, or political gain.

How does it work?

In the same way an antivirus tries to find a malicious pattern in a software, the scanner works to find a maliciously AI-generated synthetic media pattern in a video.

Deepware Scanner is using multiple features to reveal the forgery of a video, such as inconsistent and abnormal faces, changing colors, and synthetic artifacts.

Deepware Scanner is using various computer vision/audio features processed through multiple neural network models that strive to provide the most accurate decision.

Even cooler features


accurate and
reliable results.


accelerated run times,
faster and parallel scans.


detailed scan analysis,
easy integrations.

How to integrate?

Higher usage demands of Deepware Scanner technology can be licensed depending on customer’s needs. We are able to offer our scanner technology via two deployment models: API or SDK.


Deepware Scanner is a cloud API that allows online access to its core functionalities via clean and REST-ful API. It allows you faster implementation and relieves you of any development concerns. Scanner API can handle a high number of scan requests and responses in an automated fashion, which is efficient for higher demands of deepfake detection.


Deepware Scanner SDK is a toolkit package of our core technology designed to work in an offline environment. It is a cost-effective way of obtaining deepfake detection technology that will be used in a user-controlled environment with a simple integration process. Deepware Scanner allows you faster implementation and relieves you of any development concerns.


The existing deepfake/face swap architectures leave predictable artifacts on the created content, which are accessible for a machine-learning algorithm to detect. Still, we know that fighting deepfakes is a long-term commitment as the tactics used by bad actors are always changing.

As we take action in the short-term, we’re also continuing to invest in more technology and partnerships so that we can stay ahead of new types of misinformation in the future.

Social Media Platforms

detect deepfakes in user-generated content and prevent sharing misinformation.

News Agencies

protect your reputation as a reliable source of information.

Government Agencies

prevent deepfakes to cause damage to national security, politics, and economy.


exposing deepfakes is crucial against misinformation, cyber-bullying.

Get the detection tool to protect yourself and your organization.

We make sure to reduce any economic, technical, and legal risks that deepfakes can cause to you and your organization.

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