About Us

Deepfakes are going to be the first real punch from AI to humanity. The cybersecurity industry has a very short time to get ahead of deepfakes before they undermine the public’s trust in reality.

We first recognized the danger while our parent company Zemana researched methods to develop an AI-based antivirus engine. Later, in mid-2018, we started our research on deepfake detection as the deepware AI team.

We expect destructive use of deepfakes, particularly as phishing attacks, to materialize very soon. The main limitation is the lack of legitimate voice-swapping techniques, which is a much greater danger than face/head-swapping.

Communities should be working together to find a reliable solution to deepfakes while we still have time. Hence, we have open-sourced our current deepware scanner, along with the research topics, and we promise to share further advancements with the community.