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General Questions

Who created deepfake technology?
Deepfake technology is not something new. Previously it has been used in the movie industry to make some characters alive that died in real life. (Star Wars, Fast and Furious, Bruce Lee, etc.)

Those kinds of” special effects” used to cost a real fortune. Now deepfakes become very cheap and easy to make. It would be good if this technology has been used only for entertainment purposes, but unfortunately, that is not the case, and most of the deepfakes are created to cause harm.

How harmful are deepfakes?
Anybody can become a victim. If you have any kind of media (photos, videos, and audio) uploaded online, you can become a victim too! Deepfake technology could be created to humiliate or harass other people, making them lose their reputation. It also could be used as a weapon of social engineering to influence elections, manipulate stock prices, destabilizing companies by spreading misinformation about it; it can even harm our justice systems by creating a fake evidence.

How do I protect myself from being a victim of deepfakes?
First of all, we advise you to be careful what you share online. The more media files of you there is available, the easier target you become. Also, we encourage you to use deepware.ai services often, spread the word about it, and we will win this battle together. Our Deepware Intelligence system for early notification in case a deepfake of you has been created and uploaded online.

How will Deepware protect me / my company?
We are one of the first companies that developed deepfake detection technology, and we made this technology available for free to everyone who needs deepfake detection. If you feel frightened from deepfake threats, we encourage you to use our Deepware premium services, which can help you as an individual or as an organization.

How can I support/contribute in fighting deepfakes?
We believe in word of mouth, so the least and the best thing you can do for us is to Spread the word: Deepware.ai is here to help you realize what is real and what is not when it comes to digital media. Share this on your social media and tell a friend about it. If you would like to contribute more to the deepware community, feel free to share your ideas with us, or invest in our project.


Do you detect all deepfake media file?

Currently, we detect only deepfake video files, but very soon, we will release detection features for all other deepfake media files, including audio and images.

Do you plan to make a separate detector for deep-voice?

No, our deepfake scanner will be able to detect all types of media files from a single source; therefore, no separate system should be needed.

Does your scanner come in application or PC-software format?

We are providing a scanner in SaaS form, which is way better, accessible, and usable than having it limited for specific operating systems only.

Can I use Deepware Scanner in an offline environment (i.e., on my servers)?

Our Deepware Scanner can be used in offline environments via SDK, which is an on-premise container to integrate into your environment.

How do you scan videos with longer durations?

Free version scanner extracts evenly spaced 100 frames per video.


How do you obtain deepfake data in the Intelligence?

We obtained deepfake data from all possible sources such as deepfake data collected from the users of the deepware.ai platform, crawled deepfake data from all online sources including social media platforms, and adult websites. Also, we collect deepfake data from offline sources from different communities, deepfake enthusiasts, cyber-security experts, AI experts, and many others. 

Do you provide only deepfake data by Deepware Intelligence?

Yes, we provide deepfake data as well as rich metadata, which has been previously detected, analyzed, and labeled accordingly for further use.

What kind of label characterization do you provide?

We provide all essential label characterization needed for better classification of the deepfake data including but not limited to file type and size, deepfake type, targeted person/organization, first-seen origin, popularity, audience, etc. We continuously improve label categorization according to user demand. If you have a specific request or label categorization, please contact us.

How can I use Intelligence Feed module?

Feed can be used via API that will provide you with access Deepware Intelligence Feed. Users of the Feed module shall be prompted by different subscription packages based on daily query quota in combination with data traffic size.

Can I use only one module of Deepware Intelligence, or do I have to use all of the modules presented?

Yes, custom-designed usage of Deepware Intelligence allows you to choose using only the modules you need from Deepware Intelligence. If you need all the Deepware Intelligence module, we have suitable subscription plans for Deepware Intelligence Enterprise users.Yes, custom-designed usage of Deepware Intelligence allows you to choose using only the modules you need from Deepware Intelligence. If you need all the Deepware Intelligence module, we have suitable subscription plans for Deepware Intelligence Enterprise users.

Can I have more than 1 type of targeted Deepfake while using the Hunter module?

Yes, you can always make more than 1 targeted deepfake profile by using the preference list in Hunter module, so that you can get notified whenever a deepfake emerges matching your targeted deepfake profile.


Does Monitoring module provide data on specific deepfake file?

Monitoring is generally used for providing real-time deepfake trends, not focusing on a single type of deepfake file. But you can always customize your display criteria settings if you need detailed information on the specific subject.

Can I use your deepfake data for commercial purposes?

Unless specifically allowed by deepware.ai commercial usage of deepfake data provided is not permitted. Any usage of Deepware services must be compliant with our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy regulations.