Can online companies survive the pandemic crisis with deepfake employees?

Projects such as Neuralink, which aim to strengthen the interaction between the human brain and AI, will enable “Online human resource with a digital body equipped with AI of which lack of emotional intelligence is eliminated” when deepfake technologies are integrated. Online companies will look for a way out of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic in this “non-human” human resource.

Deepfake Molecules Accelerate the Development of Covid-19 Treatment

Scientists train models with the help of special algorithms through artificial neural networks and obtain hyper-realistic molecule designs in order to rapidly develop effective molecules for the treatment of New Type Coronavirus. Molecular development studies carried out with deepfake designs will not only contribute to the scientific struggle with Covid-19, but will also play a role in the decoding of human microbiological codes, diagnosis and treatment of many other diseases.

Does Deepfakes Improve Immunity in the Process of Pandemic?

In the period of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is emphasized that social isolation harms the immunity system. Online interaction is effective to strengthen immunity, but social media is not enough for normal perception of life. Now is the time for the cinema, TV series, advertising and entertainment industry to use the deepfakes wildcard to improve social immunity.

Can You Expose Deepfakes On Zoom?

“Life under quarantine” has accelerated the digital transformation. The video conference app Zoom has largely replaced face-to-face meetings. Now there is one more thing that the world has to deal with: zoombombing! This may only be a foreshock. In the previous article, we raised the question, “Are you really meeting with the person you think you are meeting with on Zoom?” So, what happens if they are not the person you think you are talking to? What if the real tremors are still impending on Zoom?