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Synthetic Deepfake Music Plays The Spirit Of Time

Artificial intelligence-based voice synthesis applications make deepfake an increasingly large threat to the music world as well. Deepfake developers are accused of violating both copyright and personality rights, with examples of synthetic music that famous musicians have derived by copying not only their sounds and melodies, but also their styles.

Is Artificial Intelligence And Real Intelligence Tied 1-1 In The Deepfake Quiz Of The U.S. Presidential Election?

As the countdown continues in the presidential election, if a last-minute deepfake bomb explodes to manipulate voter choice, it will be too late. So the US is on the alert. Everyone agrees that deepfake detection models developed based on artificial intelligence (AI) have not yet made a big difference. So it seems again up to real human intelligence (RI) to face this greatest deepfake test in history.

It Turns To A Mega Trend As It Is Shared; Is “Deepfake Brotherhood ” An Opportunity Or A Threat?

As long as it’s on the air, the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, which will never end up being updated by online users, shows the “deepfake and synthetic media effect” among 7 mega Trends. Wikipedia, which defines the Mega trend as trends with global impact, emphasizes that some of them are global threats. One of the mega-trends considered a global threat is undoubtedly “deepfake and synthetic media”. 7 mega trend’s close relationship with global threats The mega trends that Wikipedia ranks are determined by sources from 2017-2020, which also make up deepfake’s history. The mega-trends that humanity is most concerned with reveal the global whole that actually defines the cross-section of time in which we live. They all interact with each other, …

While Deepfake Confuses Minds, Deepfake Therapy Serves Mental Health

Psychological health, which interacts with the brain and nervous system, is of critical and strategic importance for Community Health. But the emotional threshold cannot be overcome for the socialization of the diagnosis and treatment process. If Deepfake becomes a mask for faces in psychotherapy, revealing souls, AI will have offered perhaps the greatest service to human intelligence…

Microsoft And Banks Not Unwinding Against Deepfake During Pandemic

Less than two months before the US Presidential Election, Microsoft announced the launch of two different deepfake detection systems. As the restriction of physical contact in the pandemic and impersonation with deepfake content increased the risk of cyber fraud, global financial institutions accelerated their investments in new digital authentication technology.

Is It Possible That We Cannot Distinguish Between Human Employees?

Are deepfake technologies a start in the digital transformation process that makes us accustomed to human-looking artificial intelligence online? If the Neuralink project succeeds in integrating ai with the human brain, will human-looking robots become involved and play a role in the emotional economy dimension of business life? Can human beings adapt to the digital evolution theory to protect and improve their economic level?

Can Online Companies Survive The Pandemic Crisis With Deepfake Employees?

Projects such as Neuralink, which aim to strengthen the interaction between the human brain and AI, will enable “Online human resource with a digital body equipped with AI of which lack of emotional intelligence is eliminated” when deepfake technologies are integrated. Online companies will look for a way out of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic in this “non-human” human resource.

Being Famous, Getting The Leading Role, Is As Easy As Taking A Selfie

In the fierce competition environment on social networks, everything is getting used to quickly, it was necessary to try new things. Application developers immediately turned to the technology of the age, artificial intelligence. The new deepfake, more precisely the selffake application, easily turned everyone into a star. For this, a single-frame selfie was enough.

While Reality Is Turning Into The Duality, Your Soul Twin Can Be A Deepfake…

Those who believe in love always look for their soul mate. Those who defend love look at spiritual beauty, not physical beauty. It seems that those who look for true love with these criteria will have no trouble finding love in the online future of technology. Digital bodies and artificial spirits will also alter the reality of love.

Deepfake Molecules Accelerate the Development of Covid-19 Treatment

Scientists train models with the help of special algorithms through artificial neural networks and obtain hyper-realistic molecule designs in order to rapidly develop effective molecules for the treatment of New Type Coronavirus. Molecular development studies carried out with deepfake designs will not only contribute to the scientific struggle with Covid-19, but will also play a role in the decoding of human microbiological codes, diagnosis and treatment of many other diseases.