Can Deepfakes Defense Be Personalized?

It seems to take time to develop a general detection model that will provide 100% security against deepfakes. So, can the personalized biometric video and audio security be a deterrent solution for targets, such that the production of their deepfakes will cause great harm?

Do Deepfakes Blind AI-Aided National Security?

Image is a crucial factor of the intelligence. If the flow of images from the field is interrupted, the national security operation remains blind, deaf, and dumb, and the chance of success is reduced. What happens if the intelligence images are not real but synthetically produced, altered, o r manipulated? Wouldn’t the war in the field be lost?

Do You Need A Synthetic Brand Face? Here Is the Deepfake Market

By providing the greatest effect at the lowest cost in advertising campaigns, deepfakes have become an important marketing investment. The deepfake market did not delay in meeting the increasing synthetic media demand of the marketing sector. Now, it is no longer necessary to pay more money to a team of actors and put up with their whims. First edition deepfake corporate brand faces are much cheaper than real whimsical actors.

Do You Have Your Anti-Deepfake Protocol Ready?

This question may seem to be a cause for concern for companies and, in a wider sense, corporations (since protocols are more crucial to corporate quality standards). However, when it comes to quality of life, individuals may soon have to ask the same question. You must have a protocol—even if not on paper—on how to act properly against foreseeable risks so as to preserve your quality of life.

Why We Must Provide Our Own Security in the Wild West of Deepfakes?

Just as in the Wild West, there is no-one to protect us from the perils of deepfakes. It is not known when, how, or from where the assault will come. “You can preserve your perception of reality only with your intelligence and mind. You must protect yourself with the technology weapons you can muster,” we are warned by Globalization.

Can You Expose Deepfakes On Zoom?

“Life under quarantine” has accelerated the digital transformation. The video conference app Zoom has largely replaced face-to-face meetings. Now there is one more thing that the world has to deal with: zoombombing! This may only be a foreshock. In the previous article, we raised the question, “Are you really meeting with the person you think you are meeting with on Zoom?” So, what happens if they are not the person you think you are talking to? What if the real tremors are still impending on Zoom?

The Art Of Twisting The Facts

A contradiction in terms creates ambiguity in perception. One word may carry a positive meaning for some, while implying something completely negative to others. The…