Deepfakes Can Put Flesh on the Bones of Artificial Consciousness…

It should never be forgotten that in the eternal reality of the heavenly religions, creator of all creatures is one. Here, AI-oriented algorithms and robotic technologies transform this single and unchangeable reality into a more flexible perception with digital illusion. It reveals a person who has passed away fictionally in digital life, at first with his/her voice and gestures. Perhaps as deep learning algorithms improve, fiction will no longer be needed after a while.

Do Deepfakes Reveal the Truth?

We will try to question the newest and ironic legitimacy trial of deepfakes: Do deepfakes, which are produced with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital audio, text, and video formats and is the common name for all lies, fraud, forgery, manipulation, and disinformation in the online world, reveal the hidden truths?

Deepfake Reverse Engineering Challenge (DREC)

Facebook’s CTO, Mike Schroepfer, explains that Facebook will keep detection technology secret to avoid reverse engineering. However, Facebook does not show the same sensitivity for the most successful deepfake detection algorithms listed in DFDC. Schroepfer stressed that they will keep their algorithms confidential and admitted that they will offer reverse engineering opportunities by publishing them with open source code for algorithms developed in DFDC.

Continuing to Fight Mosquitoes in Swamp Opening…

Those who develop deepfake detection models are expected to be faster than those who developed deepfake tools to gain an edge over the algorithm war before it is too late. For this, don’t they deserve some time and positive discrimination? Isn’t it necessary to tidy up the open-source platforms that provide unconditional and unregulated ammunition and speed up those who develop deepfake tools and produce deepfakes with the help of these that are not known by whom?

Do Deepfakes Blind AI-Aided National Security?

Image is a crucial factor of the intelligence. If the flow of images from the field is interrupted, the national security operation remains blind, deaf, and dumb, and the chance of success is reduced. What happens if the intelligence images are not real but synthetically produced, altered, o r manipulated? Wouldn’t the war in the field be lost?

Do You Need A Synthetic Brand Face? Here Is the Deepfake Market

By providing the greatest effect at the lowest cost in advertising campaigns, deepfakes have become an important marketing investment. The deepfake market did not delay in meeting the increasing synthetic media demand of the marketing sector. Now, it is no longer necessary to pay more money to a team of actors and put up with their whims. First edition deepfake corporate brand faces are much cheaper than real whimsical actors.

Do You Have Your Anti-Deepfake Protocol Ready?

This question may seem to be a cause for concern for companies and, in a wider sense, corporations (since protocols are more crucial to corporate quality standards). However, when it comes to quality of life, individuals may soon have to ask the same question. You must have a protocol—even if not on paper—on how to act properly against foreseeable risks so as to preserve your quality of life.