Do You Need A Synthetic Brand Face? Here Is the Deepfake Market

Innovation is part of marketing. Seeing as there is competition between brands, advertisers rely on innovation to succeed against their competitors. We mentioned in the previous article that deepfakes have become the rising star of marketing and advertising. By providing the greatest effect at the lowest cost in advertising campaigns, deepfakes have become an important marketing investment. The deepfake market did not delay in meeting the increasing synthetic media demand of the marketing sector. Now, it is no longer necessary to pay more money to a team of actors and put up with their whims. First edition deepfake corporate brand faces are much cheaper than real whimsical actors…

Deepfake Market Research

The research industry strategically contributes to the marketing and advertising industry. They are the main data source of strategic decisions and creative campaigns for marketing. With the data obtained from the research companies, the target audience is identified, the messages are determined, the language and brand face to be used are ascertained. Research companies determine consumer trends, changes in patterns of consumption, type of perception, the pulse of the market, and future trends. Research companies have started to get involved to guide the marketing sector on deepfake investments.

In the United States, Market Research Media, which conducts market research for the government, Congress, large corporate companies and investors, and provides data to nearly half of the giant companies in Fortune 500, published a deepfake research project for the marketing industry. In the summary of the report titled “Market Analysis of Deepfakes Technology,” issued at the end of February and published on, the opportunities offered by deepfakes to the marketing world are listed under three headings: entertainment, e-commerce, and communication. Under the heading of entertainment, it is noted that with synthetic human voices and images that are indistinguishable from the original, convincing stories can be produced even if the creative effects and real characters do not exist in the movies. Under the heading of e-commerce, it is emphasized that deepfakes can provide consumers with an advanced personalized experience during the selection of products. Under the head ing of communication, attention is drawn to the opportunity to benefit from deepfake brand faces that can speak every language with voice synthesis and face manipulation. Of course, this also provides the opportunity for a meeting with the new markets. sells the entire research for $5,950 to a single user and $9,950 to global websites., the online human community platform of the future, offers us the opportunities listed in the Market Analysis of Deepfake Technology as well as other opportunities that will inspire the marketing industry—for example, special video campaigns for each demographic group, step-by-step video access for each user, and even the opportunity to prepare single-use video messages for each customer.

Catalog Sales in Deepfake

Brand administrators need to pay thousands of dollars to access market information for business opportunities offered by deepfakes. But for advertising videos, it is much cheaper to rent deepfake actors and brand faces. Moreover, as in 2019, it is not necessary to ask a deepfaker to produce the characters they designed by using deepfake technologies. We mentioned in a previous article (“Deepfake Gunmen shoot even $20”) that the deepfake customers, who we cannot know if they are well-intentioned or malignant, can find deepfakers at websites such as and The price to produce a one-minute deepfake video start at $20 and range to $50 or $100. But there are no references other than the demo video to prove that the video was the freelance deepfaker’s own production. In addition, the requested time for production was around three months. However, there is no need to wait for the order anymore, as serial deepfake production has already started. You can see them on the internet and choose what you like.

Synthesia, the start-up that prepared the popular deepfake public service ad in which David Beckham spoke in nine different languages for a social responsibility campaign, is one of the pioneers of Catalog Deepfake Sales. The company was founded four years ago by a group of researchers and entrepreneurs from UCL, the Technical University of Munich, Stanford, and Cambridge. They offer localized and personalized videos on their website Synthesia.oi, deepfakes suitable for different languages and scenarios. The CEO of Synthesia, named Victor Riparbelli, argues that within three years, completely convincing digital people can be available for an interview with Business Insider., which takes its name from the first female name derived in Greek, took into service the first blockchain-based deepfake marketplace, which will save customers the struggle of ordering a deepfake. gathers the world of marketing and media with deepfakers that produce deepfake characters with AI-based algorithms. The photo-realistic digital personalities that can voice fictional texts with synthetic lip movements produced by contracted deepfakers are sold to anyone who pays its price through Purchasers of deepfake characters displaying different profiles with different appearances and physical features can add them to another original video or play them in their own videos according to their scenarios. Advertising agencies, production companies, or any person or institution that want to produce deepfake videos can choose profiles that are suitable for their scenario from the digital catalog on the website of, according to their personalities, characteristics, and physical features. Deepfake faces try to affect their customers with gestures, not even voice. The cost of fake digital actors varies between $49 and $99, depending on the character, and it includes a 200-word voiceover.

Cryptocurrency genius deepfaker put up its deepfake character with its own identity for sale can also offer digital characters that are a copy of a real person to the deepfake market, alongside the catalog sales of deepfake characters designed by deepfakers. Deepfakers, who make a revenue partnership with, can also put up their licensed digital copies for sale as well as the synthetic characters they produce by copying other real people. Alex Masmej is one of the deepfakers who aims to earn money from his licensed deepfake that he produced with his own identity and personality.

Twenty-three-year-old Alex Masmej is one of today’s digital geniuses. He developed his own cryptocurrency ALEX based on Ethereum, an alternative digital currency to Bitcoin. The young Frenchman is also leading the production and marketing of his own deepfake in cooperation with In’s deepfakes catalog, a character, modeled by Alex Masmej, was presented to customers in the second half of last month. The rising star of the cryptocurrency market, which has beco me popular with its $20,000 share sales, does not hesitate to offer this deepfake to the market with its real-life identity and 200 words at $99. Masmej, who discloses in his interviews that he made this to increase his reputation, emphasizes that he has full control of his deepfake against misuse and malicious uses that could endanger his future.

Does Baby O (bama) deepfake create a smile or tension?

Brands, agencies, and production companies who prefer to use cloned deepfake characters of real people instead of designed avatars cannot do this in every scenario. claims to build its activities on the concept of “Legal deepfake” and requires the consent and approval of the real person for their characters. The deepfake cannot be produced without the consent of the real person. Furthermore, the approval of the real person is required for the scenario or the speech of the deepfake character., which offers Baby O to its customers for $99, must have gained the approval of the former U.S.A. President Obama due to the similarity. Otherwise, those who try to buy Baby O and use it for malicious purposes can cause big problems, especially now that the United States is going through critical times after George Floyd was killed by racist policemen. If Baby O said the wrong words, along with one of the contracted deepfake producers named GAN Master, could be in trouble.

In his interview on Cointelegraph on May 15th, the CEO of, named Arif Khan, argued that he could provide a steady infrastructure to license, distribute responsibly, and earn money with legally permitted creations, as opposed to the unlabeled and potentially harmful deepfake content of blockchain. Khan noted that all content created for’s marketplace is tagged as controllable in collaboration with the software firm Oasis Labs and said that secure blockchain verification can block suspicious content, similar to Twitter’s blue confirmation verification. Khan said that the legal permits and the consent of individuals will be key criteria for deepfakes that can be circulated and used to earn money.
It is not known whether’s permitted and registered deepfake model can raise awareness of the positive use of AI-based synthetic media technologies, as its CEO claims. But in the United States, the world’s largest brand exporter and marketing giant, it is possible to say that among the 30 million unemployed people, many have the option to earn money as actors, especially those in Hollywood.