Unveiling PAGI Gen v1

In the fast-evolving world of generative models, there have been some exciting breakthroughs, especially in models based on Transformers and Diffusion. These models have shown exceptional performance in tasks related to generating images. However, when it comes to video generation, they have encountered a roadblock that we’ve observed mostly in Large Language Models (LLMs), known as the hallucination issue. As of the current year, 2023, in the context of video generation tasks utilizing the img2img framework, the Vanilla Autoencoder architecture remains the preferred choice. Despite the inherent challenge associated with interpolating the self-reconstruction vectors in contrast to the more intricate highly interpolable Variational Autoencoder vectors, it is noteworthy that once this hurdle is overcome, these vectors exhibit a high degree …

10 Most Convincing Deepfake Videos of May

We are receiving a lot of deepfake videos every month. These include the ones that are created poorly and the ones that are made very realistically. Here we have prepared the ten most convincing deepfake videos scanned on our Deepware Scanner through May. Jenner Resurrection Deepfake Joe Biden on Doing What it Takes Deepfake DeepFake: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ft. Vladimir Putin Queen Elizabeth II dancing Dirty Harry Starring Hugh Jackman Sean Connery is Gandalf Maxim zuipt alleen in het weekend Vladimir Putin Deepfake You can scan & detect deepfake videos at deepware.ai

Deepfake Could Lead to Unsolved Global Disinformation Wars

Artificial intelligence product synthetic media and its most destructive type, deepfake, is now a more useful weapon for online political operations of the digital age. Moreover, deepfake cyber-attacks can be easily anonymised, making victims of dirty disinformation wars unsolved deep in history.

Source Of High Appreciation And Concern; The Most Convincing Deepfake Videos In History

Deepfake videos, which seem real, are going viral and get tens of thousands of clicks on each share. However, when attempts to produce hyper-realistic deepfake videos turn from rating anxiety to the goal of disinformation based on social engineering, its impact on the masses will not be fun at all; on the contrary, it will have extremely devastating consequences. However, when attempts to produce hyper-realistic deepfake videos turn from rating anxiety to the goal of disinformation based on social engineering, its impact on the masses will not be fun at all.

Weakening The Threat of Pornography May Set Back The Danger of Deepfake

The revenge porn, projected to be 95% of deepfake content today, is now published on specially prepared deepfake porn sites. As Deepware AI, we are leading a very important development in this area by adding the first online deepfake scanning and detection engine that we have developed the Adult Scanner function to Deepware Scanner.

When Cocktail Reality Intoxicates Perception With A Holographic Touch, Does The Mind Eclipse Occur?

Digital synthetic reality, taking advantage of the pandemic, enters our lives with mixed reality solutions. In this way, synthetic ingredients bring us together in our own physical environments, holographically. Crossing physical distances, maintaining life face-to-face as before without risking contact, may be attractive to all of us. But when synthetic reality surrounds life and makes perception dependent, what kind of world will we wake up to?

Deepfake-Backed Financial Attacks May Victimize Underdeveloped Economies With Low Confidence Credit

If the target of cyber attackers is a bank, central bank, or the entire financial system, it is a national security hazard. Synthetic media and its most powerful and convincing weapon, deepfake, can encourage and make more possible large-scale attacks targeting financial infrastructure. In this case, starting with less developed economies, political attacks that can deal major blows to the global free market economy may also be on the agenda.

How Will Those Who Believe Every Time Tweet Of Elon Musk That He Distributes Bitcoin Resist When They See His Deepfake?

Cyber fraudsters have had no trouble finding crowds for the past two years who believe every time Elon Musk distributes bitcoin through Twitter. By producing deepfake audio and video, Bitcoin scammers will be able to make any identity they want even more believable, especially Elon Musk. How are tech geeks ready to take the bait, then, to stop themselves from getting caught up in millions more?

Deepfake-Backed Financial Crimes Spread More Easily During Pandemic

Deepfake, the most advanced and dangerous type of synthetic media manipulated by artificial intelligence (ai) tools, could soon serve many different demonic purposes. It is not difficult to predict that the most common cyber-attacks, on the other hand, will be financially qualified. Because IT crimes, which are registered on judicial records with definitions such as cyber extortion or fraud, are more dynamic, fast, easy, effective, profitable and difficult to catch and they will increasingly turn to deepfake. Deepfake-backed financial crimes, in the pandemic process where face-to-face communication is restricted, have achieved far more favorable conditions for setting cyber traps.