Companies Don’t Take Deepfake Seriously Could Pay Heavily

Life for companies is as hard as it is for any other living being. The struggles of business life are harsh: the dangers are large and the losses are great. What happens to an individual impacts upon them, their family and the people around them. But when a negative event happens to a company, depending […]

Non-Exist Robotic Deepfake Humans Coming

Many of the new technologies developed to meet the emerging needs and expectations of human beings. Artificial Intelligence applications go beyond the current demand, which is the basis of the concern about Artificial Intelligence applications. Plus, when Deepfake technology involved in something, it should make us worry more. What if one day, the legitimate aim […]

Top 5 Jim Carrey Deepfake Videos

Deepfakes became part of our lives. We saw first deepfakes with the faces of famous people as they have more videos and images on the internet. One of the most famous artists whose face used in Deepfake Videos is Jim Carrey and here are the top 5 videos of Deepfake Jim Carrey. The Shining starring […]

Can Fake News Protect Us From Deepfakes?

There has been all the time a kind of fake news throughout the history. In 2020, its name is Deepfake. Besides, this is the worst in the whole history. Thanks to artificial intelligence that exceeds human knowledge, our connection with the reality will soon come to a breaking point. Because, the footsteps of AI-generated synthetic […]

Deepfake Detection Challange Started But Is There A Solution?

The US House of Representatives, US national security institutions, US and European-based universities, and cybersecurity companies are aware of this enormous threat. They are organizing events to protect the online community from Deepfake. The common goal of these initiatives is to support the development of cybersecurity solutions that identify Deepfake synthetic media. The most recent […]

Social Media Worry About Deepfake But Can’t Do Without It

Everyone knew and accepted that it would become the most dangerous cyberweapon on social media. The prediction was that Deepfake thread would be fired during the US presidential election. 2020 is here, and the countdown for elections has started. The fact that social media was the speed of viral spread and the large sphere of […]

Deepfake: From Voice Swap To Full Body Synthesis

Anyone a little bit interested in technology knows that Artificial Intelligence can now quickly analyze, colonize, and synthesize. As developments in artificial intelligence can decode the physical map of people, it will increase the quality of life and productivity. However, there is no doubt that this invaluable data network will irresistibly crave appetite to achieve […]

Hiring Deepfake Video Freelancer Costs Only $20

Faithful people, no matter which religion they belong to, believe in the Resurrection. It is one of their most potent common denominators across many faiths. If evils are increasing, the course of the apocalypse is accelerating. However, most people believe some signs forecast the coming of the apocalypse. The foreseeable cyber apocalypse of our age […]

Will Social Media Be The Minefield of Deepfakes

During the transition to the age of social media hackers were immediately involved across social networks. Viruses and spyware were sneaked into social media share links. These links targeted the information, and computers, of those who accidentally clicked on them. Security software, like antivirus and antispyware, attempted to solve this problem. However, the target and […]

Where Do Artificial Intelligence Crimes Begin?

Intelligence is a two-sided dagger. It can turn humans into successful beings in every field, or it can turn humans into villains. Intelligence is no longer limited to how humans will use the natural intelligence they are endowed with. Globalized artificial intelligence is within arm’s reach. It’s both dazzling and frightening to see what you […]