Can Fake News Protect Us From Deepfakes?

There has been all the time a kind of fake news throughout the history. In 2020, its name is Deepfake. Besides, this is the worst in the whole history.

Thanks to artificial intelligence that exceeds human knowledge, our connection with the reality will soon come to a breaking point. Because, the footsteps of AI-generated synthetic media called Deepfake, can lead the world into chaos. The worst side is that cybersecurity technologies have not been able to provide a full solution yet.

Fake synthetic media, which can target anyone from famous politicians, artists spread rapidly like viruses. When things got complicated, we will feel the need to believe nowadays’ untrustful media.

At the point of confronting their responsibilities, they are trying to cooperate with social media giants who will share the same fate with them.

Free Online Training From Facebook And Reuters Against Fake News

As part of the Facebook Journalism Project launched to combat fake news, Facebook with Reuters is organizing free online training for journalists not to fell into Deepfake trap. The project aims to create awareness regarding combating fake news.

Facebook’s six-zero financial support and course materials prepared by Reuters titled Enforcing Against Manipulated Media. It provides information and methods to help journalists learn how to identify altered photos or videos to deliver false information globally.

Hazel Baker, Head of Reuters’ User News Network, who created the course content, says the goal is to help different news departments understand what to look for. Baker emphasized that 13 various news departments in Reuters specialize in verifying visual media. Sometimes it is regulated, but often not. It is a significant starting point, he says.

To encourage the development of Deepfake detection tools, cybersecurity developers will continue until the end of March. The $ 1 million award-led Deepfake Detection Challenge led by the launch of a competition. Facebook and Reuters activities and panels, plans to carry the sensitivity to 2020.

There is already a working model called Deepware Scanner, which is competing in the Deepfake Detection Challange. This Scanner is not perfect for now, but developers are working in that direction. Give it a try at

Undoubtedly, Deepfake is a terrible threat not only for Facebook and Reuters. However for all media and social media networks that make up the global information and news network. None of them can handle a global disinformation cost alone. The first and largest test is the US presidential election in November. Time is running out.

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