Deepfake Detection Challange Started But Is There A Solution?

The US House of Representatives, US national security institutions, US and European-based universities, and cybersecurity companies are aware of this enormous threat. They are organizing events to protect the online community from Deepfake.

The common goal of these initiatives is to support the development of cybersecurity solutions that identify Deepfake synthetic media. The most recent event regarding this is the Deepfake Detection Challenge (DFDC).

Are these attempts enough to prevent Deepfake danger? 

In October, in the collaboration of Facebook and Microsoft, a data set released that includes a hundred thousand videos.

Thanks to these kinds of events, the attempts to develop a cybersecurity solution behind closed doors will be unearthed and evaluated. Besides, “Deepfake capture” performances will be measured and registered.

We will all find out if these tryings will protect us from Deepfakes or not. We will also have answers to these questions;

  1. Did cybersecurity companies develop cyber-defense weapons in the past two years that have the power to capture Deepfake synthetic media? 
  2. Will Deepfake Detection Challange gain the view that it is not possible to distinguish the manipulated fake synthetic media from the original?

Deepware Scanner is the only functional model in Deepfake Detection Challange

For now, there is no other Deepfake detection tool, such as, which is available free of charge to online users. It is accessible to anyone in the world. As a beginning version, it operates pretty well.

Deepware Scanner programmed to capture videos manipulated with a multi-layer mechanism.

Social media networks, media organizations, and government agencies can integrate our scanner into their platforms.

Deepware Scanner works effectively in the background to detect deepfake videos before rapidly spreading and causing chaos.

Deepfake Effect In U.S. Elections

On the other hand, the world will face the highest level of threat to international stability and social peace starting from the 2020 elections.

The AI’s ability to model the functioning of the human brain and produce synthetic derivative outputs that are increasingly difficult to distinguish from reality.

As a result, if the cybersecurity pioneers of the world can not get rid of the synthetic media. Things may get more complex within our social lives.